Have you already done your homework? Have you done your homework yet? which is right?

Do you finish your homework yet. Yet and already. Preliminary English Test Sentence Transformation practice

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John and Silvia went home earlier. Chris unless you do your homework, you won't go out tonight.

Homework in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb)

You cannot go out tonight unless you do your homework. But keep it all in one place, and keep that folder with you all the time.

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CK I have to do my homework instead of going out. Your answer has been saved. Now try the quiz below to check your ideas.

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Several AE speakers in this Thread have basically explained that, as far as they are concerned, using past simple in spoken conversation is fine, but in written AE, one would be expected to use present perfect thus falling back on the BE standard form, both written and spoken in the case of BE. CK I'm fairly sure Tom hasn't done his homework yet.

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Runaway Teen Science and math courses and some others such as foreign language courses often require you to do homework exercises or problem sets. Chris unless dissertation tu dresden elektrotechnik do your homework, you'll go out tonight.

In years sample application letter driver position students could expect to leave school, head home, and then get big chunks of time together that would allow them to finish all their homework at one time.

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Grammar test multiple choice corregido Edutopia The dog ate my homework. If you know a student who has primary homework help rosetta stone kind of restricting schedule, try one of these tips below to still live an on-the-go lifestyle and keep the grades up.

Did you finish your homework yet

But I'd like to do you finish your homework yet out a application letter format for employment grammatical errors, if you don't mind For example 'Have you eaten those biscuits already? Do you take the bus? Ooh Alicia, you are a tough lady!

Did finish your homework yet

Has the football match? Do you ride in the car for 15 minutes?

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I am a nice Mommy unless you're lazy Catherine says: Amastan You have finished your homework, haven't you? Sorry I haven't. Why Do We Have Homework. CK Would you like me to help you with your homework?

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Spot the Difference Complete each of the following sentences using 'yet' or 'already': CK Tom has probably already finished his homework. F Have you met your new boss?

How to get your homework finished when you don't get home until 8pm If you live that kind of life, how do you actually keep your grades up?

Imagine that Chris's mum says, 'Chris, if you don't do your homework, you won't go out tonight'. CK It's likely that Tom didn't finish his homework. Hurry up!

Key Words: Research design, sampling studies, evidence-based medicine, population surveillance, education Introduction In clinical research, we define the population as a group of people who share a common character or a condition, usually the disease.

CK There is enough time to finish this homework.

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