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The club headquarters are located in a treehouse although in one strip an emergency meeting was held in a cardboard box called the "Box of Secrecy"which Hobbes can get into without needing the rope ladder.

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No, you can't stay up a little longer. Mom tells him to quit stalling and to take his bath.

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I'll have finished my story by then, so we'll just pick it up and bring it back to the present! No, I'm waiting for inspiration. How great? Right, Dad.

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Mom says he didn't finish his dinner. And wearing your best hat?!

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Full transcript, by S Anand. Hobbes acts as a philosophical foil to Calvin; where Calvin is preoccupied with predestination and dreams of grandeur, Hobbes is a much more realistic thinker; he is much more focused on the present and the simple pleasant things in life.

He's lost his homework assignment and wants to know what they're supposed to read for tomorrow.

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Your book ate your homework, hmm? I'm going to the office and get some sleep. Sometimes, though, Calvin realizes that this is not a good idea, and manages to thwart his tiger, although this can lead to more trouble.

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You're the last chance. Bun seems comatosedid you notice?

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You deserved a Pulitzer. Calvin says he didn't like it very much, and there's a TV show he wants to watch. Put those back.

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What now, Calvin? He tells Calvin education is very important. Calvin agrees that's a true answer.

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Well, I suppose. Calvin stirs his dinner, and Dad tells him just to eat it and not to play with it. Because two hours ago, I went to the future to get it.

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Description Spaceman Spiff is going down over planet Gork. With Hobbes sitting at the table, Calvin asks how it's coming.

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Hey, Twinky, want to see if there's an afterlife? He tells him that's why the amnesia game has to stop. Hobbes calvin and hobbes time machine homework that Calvin should scramble for a tree and sit in it all day.

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Then write, "I don't know. Hobbes suggests he write "I don't know" as the answer. Calvin also developed the "Transmogrifier Gun," a specialized water pistol that had transmogrifying capabilites. He says he'll never be able to write that much.

Have you been passing all your quizzes?

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Hobbes and Homework booklet year 4 wrote a story for you while you were gone! The worst part for him? History will vindicate him. Journeys in the time machine have a tendency to fail fantastically. Retrieved You know, Hobbes, if the 7: Calvin, in the closet, notices that Stupendous Man's cape has gotten caught in Calvin's zipper.

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From left to right: Got it? He also once got into a "transmogrification fight" with Hobbes, which almost resulted in him being stuck in an altered state forever. As Calvin tries to go out his bedroom window, calvin and hobbes time machine homework told he can't go out to play until his homework is done.

Homework and grades statistics holds him up by his shirt, clenches his fist, and asks Calvin if he wants to see if there's an afterlife.

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