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Lastly, the pricing of the watches manufactured by HW were based on equal distribution of expenses. Enumerate its drawbacks.

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You are required to guide the Company regarding the following a The Company is very keen that its product must be well-received in the market. It is involved in the fast food business since last 10 years and has a tie up with a foreign firm operating in the same field.

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But, over the years, the Company wanted to increase its market segment. Also, it is seen that purchase apparel merchandise by catalogue has an element of prestige in certain social circles. Demand is seasonal for the flour with the annual break occurring just before Diwali. No formal forecasting is performed by the company.

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Consequently, the inventory of finished goods was very low in this segment. But there does not seem to be the much coordination between these centres. The packaging of the products is attractive, but it does not preserve the product for a long time.

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Pallets and crates are used extensively. It has its factory as well as the processing unit in Navi Mumbai.

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In what specific ways can the company develop logistic capabilities to address these factors? To counter competition, HW changed its strategy.

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This certainly provided a very high service level steps in making a term paper the customers would get their shades as per their desires and thus they were fully satisfied.

Over the years, a number of competitors have sprung in the field.

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Lead-time variability is creating problems of buffer stocks with the distributors. The manufacturing base was, however, maintained in Pune. Inanother factory was established with two million capacity and mass production technology.

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  3. The Managing Director of the company has formed a team consisting of senior executives to suggest a concrete plan to fight the growing competition and overcome problems of transport, storage and other related problems so as to increase the market share and margin.
  4. Logistics Information Network is not up to the mark.

These include decreasing sales, increasing part worn sales, pressure from Far East imports, expanding factory warehouse direct volumes, the growing cost of raw materials and research paper about small business pdf, higher distribution costs and rising fuel prices.

Since no heavy inventory has to be transported, mechanized material handling is not used since it would involve heavy capital investment.

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DHL and the customer are continually investigating new innovative ways to reduce costs and drive continuous improvement. If this has to be stocked at each of the 15 centres, how to write a essay paper for high school total stock value to be kept on hand at any time works out to Rs.

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Flour is easily damaged.