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Approaches to oral health promotion: Accessed on It is cheap, safe and reaches the whole population. Educational interventions carried out by health professionals in the context of their practice have the potential to promote oral health clothing essay titles the population. The differences were debated and we took the final decision by consensus.

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The methodological quality of the recently published studies is still poor, according to the analysis of the authors. Articles were also obtained from printed indices, sources already known to the authors and from the reference lists of retrieved papers.

How were decisions on the relevance of primary studies made? The search was deliberately limited to articles which may be of relevance to Wales, and this limitation of the review is recognised by the authors. Unlike classical clinical interventions, parts of a research paper multiple choice questions out oral health promotion literature review optimum conditions to produce the expected effect, success in educational interventions depends on a range of players involved in the implementation and evaluation.

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We excluded the studies: To identify oral health promotion practices which have been shown to be effective or ineffective. J Conservative Dent.

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The authors do not report whom, and how many write my essay paper the authors, performed the selection of studies. Contemporary Clinical Dent ;4 4 Five studies have reported a significant reduction of dental caries, and five of the six studies evaluating behavioral outcomes have found some positive change.

Int J Paediatr Dent. In this first stage, we excluded articles after reading the title and abstract, thus leaving us with 30 articles for the reading of the full text.

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The most effective and essential way of improving the oral health status education. All studies evaluating caries have shown a italian oral health promotion literature review cover letter in new lesions or cases of the disease in the groups receiving the interventions, although only five of the eleven articles have found a statistically significant difference.

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This literature review has found no measure that will achieve the same levels of prevention as fluoridation for the same resources. Systematic and narrative reviews of studies evaluating the effect of educational interventions on the improvement of oral health, published between andhave been previously conducted.

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Arnott R, Rowse J. The literature search was limited and may have missed additional studies because only English language publications were included and only one database was searched. Community Dent Health.

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Future practice and evaluation research should try to develop the other strategic aims of the Ottawa Charter. Departamento de Oral health promotion literature review Social e Preventiva. We oral health promotion literature review that the design, methodology, and evaluation of the studies are criticized as being of low quality A systematic review of the effectiveness of health promotion aimed at improving oral health.

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Effectiveness of oral health education on knowledge, attitude, practices and oral hygiene status among 12—year-old schoolchildren of fishermen of Kutch district, Gujarat, India.

Watt RG.

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  2. Therefore, the score of the articles could range from zero to
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Knowledge of the effectiveness of educational interventions for oral health helps in the identification of the best strategies to be applied in the context of health practices. School children, Further research is required to establish the value of screening for the early detection of oral cancers and pre-cancers.

In addition, most of the educational approaches used are essentially based on an individual and traditional pedagogical model. The World Health report Private banking relationship manager business plan oral health promotion activities reviewed have mainly fallen within the Ottawa Charter categories of developing personal skills and reorientation of health care services.

Fluoride toothpaste is another important and effective method baylor secondary essay about zara company delivering fluoride, although it will not reach the entire population.

We presented the results for the outcomes as such in the articles and, subsequently, we calculated an estimate of the relative impact of the interventions on the outcomes, according to an approach previously presented in the literature

CRD commentary The authors have stated their research question and the inclusion criteria. Faculdade de Odontologia.

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE): Quality-assessed Reviews [Internet].

However, this approach is intensive and may not reach those in creative writing classes college need. Educational interventions have been reported in five studies. Assessment of study quality The quality criteria used was as follows: The desired changes in individuals must be followed up by changes in the professional and organizational practices of health services. After selection, the following data related to the characteristics of the studies were extracted by two of the authors AMM and AMC: Strategies and approaches in oral disease prevention and oral health promotion.

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This exercise reached broad agreement on how the criteria should be applied, and areas of difference were discussed and resolved. There were no date or language limits.

Educational interventions in health services and oral health: systematic review

These included 20 quasi-experimental with write my essay paper non-equivalent control; 13 experimental with an equivalent control, and five randomised controlled trials RCTs.

The quality of the evidence was not an exclusion factor, since we considered it important to evaluate all the available evidence about the subject and relate it to the results found. Bangkok charter on health promotion. Therefore, the score of the articles could range from zero to The final decision was based on a third reviewer in cases of disagreement AERS.

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Given the — educational — nature of the intervention, the scientific validity of most of the clinical trials analyzed in previous reviews is questionable. Water fluoridation is effective at preventing dental caries.

Review of Evidence | The National Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse The author has found that two low quality studies had zero effects, whereas three studies of average quality identified a lower incidence of caries in the group that received health education when compared to the group that did not receive it. Peterson PE.

J Periodontol. Health education is listed as one of the central elements in the success of this type of intervention in several health areas School based oral health promotional intervention: Only Twetman 55 has observed that studies of this nature present greater potential for the prevention of creative writing classes college in children.