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Research paper on micropropagation of banana. Banana Micropropagation Research Papers -


All three cultivars belong to essay on united nation organisation Cavendish group. The Hvac system case study and Testing of Hvac system case study This essay on nigeria unity matters arising plant is easy to cultivate in area which is in moderate temperature and firstly came from the place which is in dry west coast of tropical South America Cooper, Status of banana diseases in Taiwan.

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After four or five weeks, 15 to 25 buds can be induced from each explant. However, smaller plantlets less than 3 cm tall still require to be first transplanted into soil during the low-temperature months of January and February.

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Gowen Ed. Chapman and Hall, London, pp.

Meristem culture can eliminate a number of pests and diseases. Tang, C. The semi-dwarf plant growth research paper on micropropagation of banana is truly inherited, and the line also retains its resistance to fusarial wilt Tang and Hwang The banana micropropagation system has served growers in Taiwan over the past twenty years through the strong support of the government.

Most banana growers in the southern lowlands of Taiwan practice annual cropping.

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After a week multiple shoots arise from the inoculated shoot. It is a common food to every person especially in the Southeast Asia where there are many banana plantations like here in the Philippines.

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Preparing tissue-cultured banana plantlets for field planting Prior to planting tissue-cultured banana plantlets into soil, the seedlings need to be hardened or acclimatized research paper on micropropagation of banana the external environment. We found that a mixture of organic fertilizer from the Taiwan Sugar Company the main component of which was cow manure and sawdust, at a rate oxford essay competition malaysia 1: Lahav and O.

Their concentration and ratio determines the growth and morphogenesis of the banana tissue In most banana micro propagation systems, semi-solid media are used. Table 1 Physical properties of banana var.

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Bananas naturally grow in shady and moist regions like on marshlands and other wetlands. A Widely Used Technique Essays - Micropropagation has become a widely used technique for the large-scale and rapid propagation plants. Jones Ed.


At the stage of acclimatization in the nursery, random samples of banana plantlets are taken from local nurseries for ELISA testing. Medium without hormone gives good results.

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Secondary Hardening If the plantlets are removed from the culture vessels and directly transplanted into plastic pots under clear write an essay about the roles of friendship in your life, they show a higher rate of survival. Fertilize with slow-release or liquid fertilizer.

Chapter VIII | Tissue Culture of Banana

At the early stage of multiplying adventitious buds, if gelrite is used as the gelling agent in the multiplication medium, the shoot cluster obtained is larger than if agar is used. Choose a potting mix with good moisture-holding and drainage characteristics, for example 2 parts Sunshine Pro mix, 1 part perlite, and 3 parts medium- to coarse-grade vermiculite.

The multiplication rate of buds depends on the cultivar, the concentration of cytokinin and the number of subcultures.

Micropropagation of Cavendish Banana in Taiwan