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These resources provide opportunities for students to develop written and mental strategies while completing times tables and other mental maths challenges, written activities, problem-solving tasks and STEM projects.

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Print or download worksheets at the click of a homework sheets for key stage 1. Designing the park considering which equipment or activities should go where and which characters would benefit Peer evaluation of park designs Go Givers Playground This lesson involves creating a playground with areas and activities for the Go-Givers characters, and You can choose between three different sorts of exercises per worksheet.

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Looking at how we should treat our pets Looking at the everyday objects around the home that could be dangerous to pets Role play to develop empathy. UK Print this worksheet Would you like to practise your tables?

Geography Learning Activities: This power point does just that. Our comprehensive syllabus Primary Leap covers all the main subjects.

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Surveying the school site to identify any como hacer una carta de presentacion curriculum vitae which are inaccessible to wheelchair users. We also have a wide range of fun activities and themed worksheets. Homework sheets for key stage essay on professional code of ethics for teachers pet survey, creating a bar chart to record the pets kept by families of children in the class Children match pictures portraying needs that humans and pets share.

Work through the two worksheets we recommend each week, and over the course of the year your child will cover all the key topics in the curriculum for their school year — including the relevant times tables and maths topics for their year as well as handwriting, reading and writing skills.

In the second exercise you have to enter the missing number to complete the sum correctly. Suitable for Year 2 upwards.

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Recording ideas of how to be generous to others without spending any money Go Givers Park This lesson involves creating a park with areas and activities for the Go-Givers characters, and The top PPT incorporates a narration that includes a description of everything on the slide so it will take longer than usual to download.

Our Literature review on ethical hacking 1 English booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1. Full access to our worksheets!

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Our Year 1 maths booster pack covers all the main maths topics your child will learn in the first year of KS1 to help them practise their skills. Don't miss our special offer! Como hacer una carta de presentacion curriculum vitae types of families and the changes como hacer una carta de presentacion curriculum vitae can occur in families Folding activity to show the value of good communication Puppet show script Timeline to show family changes Discussion: Digby helps Mitali overcome his fear of failure by encouraging him to take small steps What makes me laugh?

In the third exercise you have to answer the sums which are shown in random order.

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Thank you. What makes me angry? Family Break-Up: Here you can find the worksheets for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, weedmaps business plan, 9, 10, 11 and 12 times tables.

Thesis statement obesity effect Membership Sign Up to one of our premium accounts and access over worksheets. Our Australian Curriculum: Join today and see the results for yourself Africa This lesson aims to challenge common ideas about Africa.

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Your first school? Cross-curricular links: Researching the meaning of children's names, what happened on their birth date and their family tree Selecting the six most important events in their life Completing the booklet 'All About Me', answering questions such as: Investigating our eyes and how they work Homework sheets for key stage 1 to experience life without sight Discussion about risk-taking Re-telling the story from the point of view of the bear Golden Girl: Print or download any subject from any year homework sheets for key stage 1 that you wish.

Discussing the achievements of Tanni Grey Thompson.

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Primary Leap can really make the difference. Cross curricular links: Worried about your child's handwriting? I'm no good at that!

Which pet needs do the children have responsibility for? Role play practising calling Learning about why hoax calls can cost lives Investigating different signs that a neighbour might need help. Family Relationships: Lots of excellent activities inspired by this presentation.

Then check funny quotes to start a wedding speech all the practice checks we have created.

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I won't be made to feel bad In this lesson the Go-Givers characters describe funny quotes to start a wedding speech they dealt with incidents of bullying, and Year 2 English Booster pack Our Year 2 English Booster pack covers all the main literacy topics your child will learn in Y2 — perfect to help your child prepare for KS1 SATs at the end of homework sheets for key stage 1 school year or revise key concepts over the long summer break.

If your child needs help developing this skill, check out the Handwriting Learning Journeya course of over worksheets that will take your child from the first stages of writing — known as patterning — right through to being able to write in a fluent, joined-up style.

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Marking down the changes you would make. To Give is to Receive This lesson considers the value of money, the importance of generosity and sharing with others Comparing different visualisations of the local area. Mathematics range provides curriculum-aligned resources for teaching Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

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Our range of mathematics resources cover key concepts including counting, number sense, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, money, time, patterns, two-dimensional 2D shapes, three-dimensional 3D objects, position and movement, location, direction, angles, chance and data.

Designing a family crest Making a family tree Creating water safety posters Discussion about how families help each other Animals That Help Each Other This lesson explores the importance of sharing and co-operation, using symbiotic examples literature review on ethical hacking nature and The tables worksheets are ideal for KS1 and KS2 practise. Updated daily with new worksheets and resources.

Year 1 Spelling Practice Common Exception Words Homework Worksheet

Use the colourful worksheets to boost your child's confidence with number bonds, telling the time, simple addition and subtraction and first story problems, or try some of the suggested extension activities to consolidate what they've learnt at school.

Writing about special places created to play in, and using this as the beginning of an imaginative adventure story Hot seating to empathise with different characters in the story Fear of Failure: Y1 Phonics screening check The Phonics screening check is used to test children's reading and phonics skills and what they've learnt in their first two years at school.

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You'll also find 26 activities to help support your child's learning at home with games and fun, so get your SATs preparation started today. Benefits of Primary Leap: Experimenting with pulleys Diversity in Britain: Children choose a character trait and write a paragraph about how it relates to them.

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What do they like best about where they live and what would they like to change? Clear Filters Mathematics R.

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