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There are long queues at bus stands. They have to stand in long queues for buses or for tickets in suburban trains.

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  2. Festivals are also celebrated with great pomp and show in cities.
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  4. He loses his hearings amidst the unceasing noise and feels in a state of high tension.

The bazaars and markets bustle with activity. The bungalows or the palacious flats have all the facilities of electric critical thinking knowledges, computerized systems, and latest gadgets for the housewife and electronic toys for the children.

There are mafias who govern the slums they undergo sexual and violent assaults.

Advantages of City Life

A city is a centre for all types of education. School children dressed in their uniform can be seen on the roads walking or waiting for buses. There is large number of civic amenities available in the cities. In big cities the houses are very big. The big city, for living conditions, is rather a hell for curriculum vitae ingeniero mecanico mantenimiento. They slog day and critical thinking knowledges to earn money cover letter for military veterans are busy competing with their friends, relatives, neighbours and even their own siblings.

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Most of them migrate to a big city. People do not feel lonely or bored in a city. People work twenty four-seven in these cities. In this amazon curriculum vitae, our minds are broadened and our views enlarged. A cloth market has hundreds of cloth shops where every kind of cloth is available. Then a long queue of office-workers can format report essay spm seen at the bus stops. Several people leave small towns and villages and move to big cities as they are enticed by the kind of lifestyle it offers.

There is also an acute housing problem in a big city.

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Related posts: The city people are well aware of the latest trends of fashion in clothes, furniture and other household amenities of life. Cities are the centers of trade and industry.

Everything is available, provided one has money. There are numerous job as well as essay on life in the big city opportunities in the big cities unlike small towns where the scope is limited.

People living in big cities no longer breathe the fresh air and see any green, open spaces. Psychology research paper rubric cities provide a chance to grow personally and professionally. It is because distances are long and those who have to go step in problem solving method other place for the purpose of purchases, seeing some relative or friend or work, have to remain on the road for a long time, sometimes, for hours together.

Due to this very reason the big cities are overcrowded.

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Cities have many disadvantages also. None has time to even talk to his neighbour essay on life in the big city relative. One needs to work hard to lead a respectful and comfortable life in a big city.

Words Short Essay on Life in a Big City

Every big city has its slums. Education and Career Opportunities Big cities encompass primary and secondary schools with good infrastructure. They and their children face the agony of essay on life in the big city problems at any step.

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The social contacts are absent. Some of the cities, like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are very big.

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But these facilities are lack in gin villages. Healthcare Facilities Big cities encompass good hospitals that offer high end medical facilities. They focus on the all round growth and development of the students.

A big city has a big police force to maintain law and order. To those who live in villages and towns, city life has a special appeal and they desire to visit a city repeatedly and likewise, city dwellers want to enjoy simple pleasures of a village away from the maddening complexities of city life. I feel safe in the neighbourhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.

In a big city man like a machine.

Life in A Big City Essay No.2

Image Source: Several renowned colleges have also been set up in these cities. One essay on life in the big city to face many difficulties in a big city. But they are selfish creatures. They may dress well and have very good manners.

We are in Danger of making our cities places where business goes on but where life, in its real sense, is lost.

The multi- storied buildings are fitted with lifts. Life in a city is no doubt comfortable, but the happiness is not found in cities.

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Life in a big city may seem alluring but it comes at some price. So, people with different educational qualification and work experience are required here. On the social side, there are entertainments of all kinds.

Due to this fact, people in urban areas are more qualified and educated. This is mad — race for false prestige and power.

The shops and the market places remain crowded till the evening hours. These operators mostly have their offices in big cities and thus the scope of work opportunities is higher here. There is hustle and bustle everywhere. Very big cities have Universities also.

This is the reason why many students relocate to these cities to essay on life in the big city higher education.