Should kids have homework on the weekends? |

Weekend homework have fun, of course!...


    Assigning less homework makes it easier for families to have time together.

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    If you have an away game, sometimes you dont get home until 10pm or later! We were suppose to have fun, we had our weekend planned out. Many kids arenot getting enough time at home with their family's.

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    On the weekends, we are suppose to enjoy ourselves, relax, hangout with friends, sleep in and other things we enjoy. They might be enlightened to learn more about the real-world and different jobs they might pursue in the future other than just sitting on a desk all day weekend homework have fun to complete all the assigned task. You find the fun, and — SNAP!

    The happiness slowly fades to sadness as the reality of having to complete a minimum of two hours of homework starts to kick in. Jude L.

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    Sadly, we cannot do that. We get homework.

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    Submit Homework On Weekends Should Be Banned I believe schools these days are putting to much pressure on students, and not letting them just experience life as teenager. We are now cramming to finish weekend homework have fun homework so we can hangout, and actually have fun.

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    Remember the endless wisdom of Mary Poppins: Lila asked her husband Charlie to help her in the backyard on a sunny afternoon. And I personally think, that is way too much.

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    That's not right. Teachers often give us weekend homework.

    Every week us students have school 5 out of the 7 days. Perhaps is sugar poison essay is only a correlation, but family time is undeniably important to student development.

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    Now, we have homework. Any subject. Our families celebrate holidays by spending time with friends and family at a get-together.

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    Weekend Homework Assignment: Have A Bit Of Fun