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Every year, millions of animals suffer because of human actions, directly or indirectly. In George Bailey added a menagerie, including elephants, to his show. Other Ringling whistleblowers have confirmed these abuses.

Even animals who are raised on farms simply for human consumption should not have to suffer. At least 25 elephants with Ringling have died sinceincluding four babies.

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They are confined to boxcars essay on cruelty to animals in circus trailers and have no access to basic necessities, such as food, water, and veterinary care. The Ringling Brothers Circus also abuses their animals such as their tigers.

Cruelty Towards Circus Elephants] Powerful Essays Essay about Ethical Obligations To Circus Animals - The morality of using animals for the purpose of human entertainment has long since been a divisive, polarising issue, and one to which there is essay on cruelty to animals in circus clearly defined solution.

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However, the audience is blinded by shock and awe of the show from what really happens behind the curtain. In fact, it is my contention that poor factory farming is contributing to E. The modern circus arose in the early 19th century, beginning with equestrian and acrobatic acts.

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How are those large creatures capable of how to write a thesis statement question headstand. Raising a baby elephant at Ringling is like raising a kid in jail. But, there has been controversy and… The Mistreatment of Circus Animals Words 6 Pages Imagine being in a circus ring watching tigers and lions leaping through blazing rings of fire, elephants standing on their heads, and monkeys riding red bicycles for a colossal crowd of screaming, cheering fans.

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This Montreal-based circus, founded by two street performers infeatures only human performers and now has as many as 15 shows running simultaneously around the world. Some elephants spend most of their lives in shackles.

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Sea World, the Colorado Renaissance Malaysia local food essay and circuses all use animals for entertainment; they all train the sample curriculum vitae for buyer to do certain tricks and to entertain humans These factors added to the exhaustion of performing cause psychosis.

But in actuality, the animals are not doing the tricks for their pleasure, they are intimidated into doing the ring leaders commands.

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The young elephant performed his third show for the day, under threat of physical punishment by his trainer, and was returned to his shackles afterward There are no known instances of lions and tigers jumping through flaming hoops in the wild.

Why are they exploited for human amusement?

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Animals in circuses are still deprived of their basic needs to exercise, roam, socialize, forage, and play. Sometimes these animals lash out, injuring and killing trainers, caretakers, and members of the public.

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Horses do not let large cats or monkeys ride them willingly. In 70 amphitheaters, elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, giraffes, lions, tigers, bears, deer and more were butchered just for the fun of it. Animals used in circuses may travel thousands of miles a year during extreme weather conditions.

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