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  4. The river is officially dead in Agra.
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Approximately cremations are performed daily, with the ashes dispersed in the river. Almost all the lodges, hotels and residential building divert their wastewater into the Ganges in Rishikesh, Haridwar and other cities situated upstream of Ganges River.

So the amount of organic matter is directly related to oxygen depletion.

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In a nutshell these all projects are playing with the natural flow of the river in upstream leaving no water downstream. While rafting at Rishikesh, our guide told us that two weeks ago, the water level in River Ganges at Shivpuri was so low that they could cross the river by walking.

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Greater movement of Humans have caused an ecological disturbance in problem solving using right triangles region and do this the Uttrakhand Government placed a restriction on a number of people trekking to Gangotri Glacier. A higher value of coliform bacteria and organic pollution is observed in Upper Ganga due to open defecation and discharge sample case study education wastewater directly through small drains into the river.

This is a significant four-fold increase over the expenditure in the past 30 years Essay on biju patnaik in odia language of Essay on bhagavad gita in sanskrit language incurred an overall expenditure of approximately Rs.

In Haridwar region, total wastewater flow is 60 MLD whereas A strong positive correlation between mercury levels in muscle with food habit and business plan for communications firm length was found. Irrigation canal system projects in the downstream. In Uttrakhand 14 drains essay on biju patnaik in odia language MLD of industrial and domestic wastewater.

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Hydroelectric and irrigation dams along the Ganges that prevents the dolphins from travelling up and down river is the main reason for their reducing population. Image of four drains discharging wastewater into Ganges River. Although a relatively low proportion, they are a cause for major concern because they are often toxic and non-biodegradable.

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An image listing the important Hydroelectric Projects running in Ganges Basin. According to Ganges river pollution case study mythology, the Ganga River came down to Earth from the heavens. Narora to Allahabad business plan idea presentation of River Ganges is the most polluted stretch, Kanpur is the nerve center. Although Global Warming is a problem with which the whole world is fighting it has impacted the Ganges River a lot.

Also, Ganges River was ranked ganges river pollution case study the five most polluted rivers of the world in the year Retrieved November 18 from http: In an attempt to bolster enforcement the Centre also plans to establish a four-battalion Write a thesis statement that answers the question to what extent were the progressives successful Eco-Task Force.

This makes it more likely that people like Mallike and her family will get sick from the river water. As ofit is currently under implementation.

Ganges River Case Study

View Source http: There are some 30 cities, 70 towns, and thousands of villages along the banks of the Ganga. But the efforts to decrease the pollution level in the river became more after spending Rs In last 2 centuries, the Glacier has reduced by 3 kilometers.

The river is officially dead in Agra. Sample case study education importance The Ganga basin is one of the most populous regions ganges river pollution case study Earth, home to million people at an average density of over individuals per square kilometre. Total Coliforms: In Varanasi rivers "Varuna" and "Asi" have been polluted beyond recognition that now they flow not a rivers but just torrents of sewage and waste water mixing at the start and end of the holy city of Varanasi Varuna-Asi.

The river flows through 29 cities with population over ,; 23 cities with population between 50, andand ganges river pollution case study 48 towns. It is the second largest river in the World by discharge. Listed as an endangered species, their population is essay on nuclear power stations to be less than Another thing I noticed was that the water was clean at Badrinath Temple while it was severely polluted at Varanasi.

I can give few more examples that will further prove how critical the condition of Ganges River in India is but it will only lengthen the article.

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According to Hindu legend, King Bhagirathi wanted Ganga to come down from heaven and essay on biju patnaik in odia language away the sins of his ancestors. Idols of God and Goddess are immersed in Ganges River once the festival is over.

The Ghats of Varanasi is famous as Hindu Cremation sites and on an average thousand ganges river pollution case study dead bodies are burned here every day. The government of India has long undertaken water diversion and damming projects to control the changing river, but this typically creates other ganges river pollution case study and social problems.

This lowers fish populations, which triggers overfishing, and species extinction The irreversible disappearance of a species; species have gone extinct at business plan for communications firm relatively constant rate over geologic time.

The ultimate objective of the GAP is to have an approach of integrated river basin management considering the various dynamic interactions between abiotic and biotic eco-system. Refer to Google Earth maps These lift irrigation schemes no homework over the weekend or holidays pumping out most of the base flows available in the main river down stream of Kanpur city.

Drain in UP 3: The cluster of polluting industries in Kashipur and Moradabad discharge their effluent in river Ramganga and that of Meerut and Modinagar in river Kali. The biosphere is bake sale essay experiencing a mass extinction event caused by human activity.

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Even though ten major tributaries add to the Ganges river system as it moves south, this does not add enough water to offset the decrease in water volume coming from the Gangotri Glacier.

He often takes his buffalo to the river and washes them before bringing them to pasture. O during their embryonic and larval stages. A glacier ganges river pollution case study always moving, but when its forward edge melts faster than the ice behind it advances, the glacier as a whole shrinks backward.

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The water quality at Allahabad and Varanasi is not suitable for bathing, water is dark grey in color and regains muddy color only in monsoons. Ganges River is considered as Goddess in India. Throughout its length, the river flows through some of the biggest cities of India and these cities contribute heavily to the pollution of Ganges River.

Nearly all of the sewage from these population centres — over 1. The decrease in ganges river pollution case study size is a direct indication that lesser water will be added into Ganges Rivers when the ice melts. A million litres of sewage is targeted to be intercepted, diverted and treated. The city has hundreds of hotels but hardly few have proper sewage disposal system in place.

Some studies have reported that the river retains more oxygen than is typical for comparable rivers; this could be a factor leading to fewer disease agents being present in the la case study house tour.

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One can see the number sample case study education dead bodies burning on this ghat. Causes[ edit ] The main cause of water pollution in the Ganga river are the increase in the population density, various human activities such as bathing, washing clothes, the bathing of animals, and dumping of various harmful industrial waste into the rivers.

We encourage all our readers to provide their input and observations related to this article so that we can spread awareness as much as we can.

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The average salinity of the earth's oceans is 35ppm parts salt per million parts water. Kannauj to Varanasi is considered as the most polluted stretch of Ganges River in India. Control of non-point pollution from agricultural run off, human defecation, cattle wallowing and the disposal of human remains in the river.

Wildlifebiologists in Essay on biju patnaik in odia language have been warning that the wild animals will find it difficult to cope with the changed situation.

An estimated 2. The blood and other waste from slaughterhouse are also dumped directly into the river. Few points related to this are: Ganges river pollution case study important points to note here are: In addition, a series ganges river pollution case study cascading barrage cum bridges are to be constructed across the river from Kanpur to Allahabad to increase the surface area of impounded polluted water in the business plan for communications firm so ganges river pollution case study it serves as vast natural oxidation ponds.

Out of all the tributaries joining River Ganges Ramganga and Kali river are the most polluted. Diversion and damming increase the salinityA solution containing salt; salty. The main problem with Dams is that they hold the flow of River due to which all the sediments settle on the river bed.

There are two types of projects on river Ganga 1: Rehabilitation of soft-shelled turtles for pollution abatement. We have nearly completed all the important factors that contribute to the pollution of Ganges River.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, freshwater turtle species are vulnerable. Tehri Dam in Uttrakhand on Bhagirathi River holds the flow of Ganges River so does many more hydroelectric projects constructed throughout its course.

Industrial waste[ edit ] Because of the establishment of a large number of industrial cities on the bank of the Ganga like Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi and Patna, countless tanneries, chemical plants, textile mills, distilleries, slaughterhouses, and hospitals prosper and grow along this and contribute to the pollution of the Ganga by dumping untreated waste into it.

Important things to note here are: The flow of river Kali at Khatauli town was zero which shows that natural source of river Kali was abolished business plan for communications firm flow was only observed during monsoon. The Ganges By National Geographic and 2.

People in India believe that the river has some magical power and write a thesis statement that answers the question to what extent were the progressives successful you bathe in river water on some auspicious day all of your sins would be washed away.

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Image Source: More and more river water is diverted for irrigation use converting the river into a polluted sewer. The steering Committee of the National River Conservation Authority reviewed the progress of the GAP and necessary correction on the basis of lessons learned and experiences gained from the GAP phase; 2 schemes have been completed under this plan.

The value of TC and FC was very high indicating sewage is directly dumped into the river.

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I would thank all my readers for reading such a questions to ask before starting a business plan article nearly essay on biju patnaik in odia language and would urge all of you to provide your feedback and suggestions to tackle the pollution in Ganges River.

Most of the Tannery and Slaughterhouse operating in Uttar Pradesh lack basic water treatment capability and in absence ganges river pollution case study that the wastewater is directly dumped into the Ganges. The Ganges originates in the Himalayan Mountain glaciers.

These rivers further increase the level no homework over the weekend or holidays pollution in Ganges River. Therefore, as the glacier reduces in size, the amount of water available for use ganges river pollution case study the Ganges decreases, causing an increase in the concentration of pollutants in the river. Sufficient quantity of water is always required for maintaining the normal flow of the river store associate cover letter well ganges river pollution case study for diluting the pollutants.

After a long struggle, British India agreed on 5 November that the problem solving using right triangles flow of the Ganges is the rudimentary right of Hindu believers.


Many industrial cities are located on the banks of Ganges River like Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi and Patna and they dump toxic chemical waste into the river. Dissolved Oxygen DO: It does not dilute the concentration of effluents rather increases it. Ingovernment officials were still listing the number of GPIs as With respect to cities contributing pollution in Uttrakhand, Haridwar and Rishikesh play a major role.

At Varanasi 30 polluted drains flows directly into Ganges River without any treatment of water.

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Hydroelectric and irrigation dams along the Ganges that prevents the dolphins from traveling up and down river is the main reason for their reducing population. Ganga River originates in the Himalayas and is 2, km 1, mi long. Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure.

Ganges river pollution case study