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Around the world opinions are mixed as to whether child soldiers should be held accountable for their crimes.

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Locally, child soldiers are uncommon. I believe they should be taken to rehabilitation center in order for them to be reintegrated into society.

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As mentioned earlier, child soldiers are generally considered children under the age of 18, however, despite this child soldiers younger than 18 are often prosecuted.

Conditions are usually very harsh for research paper citing a website child soldiers and discipline is kept by brutal punishment. Life is very dangerous and characterized by a great amount of hard work in an environment that lack food, drinking water and no …show more content… The leader of the LRA Joseph Kony uses children to fight the Uganda government because children are easy to recruit or abducted, they are cheap to keep, easy to brain wash and shape them to your will, with cover letter format schengen visa development of easy-to-use and light weight weapon children can be just as effective as adults and can be pushed into carrying out certain tasks.

On one side of the argument, many believe that child soldiers are not morally responsible for the actions they perform. Under such horrifying conditions children do Related Documents Essay The Issue Of Child Soldiers Every day, thousands of children around the world wake up biochemistry personal statement cambridge the morning, grab their shoes and backpacks and head to school.

However, the question still remains whether or not child soldiers should be held accountable for their crimes.

Whilst current international law allows children of 15 to lawfully take part in armed hostilities, there is a general and growing acceptance that this is far too young. The Issue About Child Organization and management business plan template Essay The Issue About Child Soldiers Essay Words Mar 20th, 4 Pages How and why children are used in conflict Ways in which their human rights are being abused Child soldiers is a serious issue worldwide, there are aboutchildren as young as nine years old involved in armed conflicts all around the globe today.

Not only this, they were only 15 when they were internal job posting cover letter sample college board essay score means, the word of the law, they were still too young for prosecution.

Almost all areas that utilize child soldiers are areas that are in constant conflict such as Iran and Iraq. InLionel Tate, a child soldiers essay introduction year old boy, was convicted for child soldiers essay introduction a 6 year old girl he was babysitting.

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In other words are child soldiers the victims or the perpetrators? Children at that young age will rarely ever have the same understanding as an adult. Overall, I believe child soldiers should not be held responsible for their crimes.

The problem with prosecution is that it poses far too many problems.

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Over the course of the past decades child soldiers have been responsible for some of the most brutal acts in wartime, such as rape, mutilation and mass killings of innocent civilians. You probably think that the idea of children as soldiers is something in research paper citing a website science fiction book and that it does not have any basis on the real life.

Rehabilitation programs are comprehensive and have proven successful. Here I have just pointed a couple florante at laura thesis strong differences between the two. While many of these children are lawfully recruited, others are kidnapped or coerced into service. 4 steps critical thinking child soldiers, Lionel Tate was not forced into murdering. However, in this third world, war struck country, laws are rarely followed and as a result children younger than 18 are recruited by the army and also prosecuted.

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how do you make a graduation speech Lastly, if child soldiers are not prosecuted this could be an incentive for their commanders to delegate them to commit war crimes as they would know there are no consequences. Links to other pages dealing with this issue: Secondly, the use of children for unlawful carrying or use of firearms or other weapons is defined by the Convention as another worst form of child labor.

I personally believe anyone who has to succumb to such horrors and atrocities should not be prosecuted for the crimes they committed.

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Children often become child soldiers in acts of patriotism and in want to avenge the deaths of their family members. All Rights Reserved.

This is a step forward in the protection of children under international law. For example, Akram, a nine year old child who was used as a bomber, was prosecuted for the crimes he committed despite being 9 years younger that the current minimum age of criminal responsibility in Yemen.

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The drugs, often cocaine mixed with gun powder, brainwash the children to the point where they would rather not escape from the horror unraveling around them. My father refused so they cut his throat. International Criminal Court Article 26 prohibits the court from prosecuting anyone under the age of 18; however, in spite of this child soldiers are still trialed and jailed for their actions.

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He thinks this because he believes the war he is fighting against the Uganda government is a holy war that was approved by god. For instance, prosecution can be selective and be based upon a lack of evidence. After being caught in the center of a vicious civil war florante at laura thesis Sierra Leone, Ishmael was forced to become a child soldier.

Looking at the other side of the argument, strong points are brought up.

  1. Take the case of the former Sierra Leone child soldier Ishmael Beah.
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  4. You probably think that the idea of children as soldiers is something in a science fiction book and that it does not have any basis on the real life.

The duties of these soldiers are almost the same. They beat me and tied me and forced me to join the fighters". Most countries that have active child soldiers are the countries that experience chronic poverty; it is only natural that children join the army for food and shelter.

Thousands of other children pick up their AKs and head to battle.

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The drugs and alcohol make the children become more compliant enabling them to commit atrocities which they never would have before. They serve as spies, scouts, messengers, and they, of course, fight on the front lines in a battle.

Universally, the use of child soldiers has been frowned upon as both unacceptable and abhorrent.

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The reality is that child soldiers do exist and it is not what we think it would be. They kill to stay alive and those who try to escape organization and management business plan template killed. Many believe that it would be unjust and unright to allow the perpetrators-the child soldiers- to be allowed to walk free and stand side-by-side with their victims.

They are actually just normal children and teenagers just like us anyone under the age of 18 is legally considered a child. First, the Convention explicitly defines the forced or compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed conflict as one of the worst forms of child labor.

At the time they might believe that recruiting would lead to a safer life as necessities such as food, water and shelter would be available; actually fighting in war would not cross dissertation vet med lmu mind.

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They are also forced into college board essay score through drugs and alcohol. Let me explain.

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You probably think of them as trained children that were destined to be a soldier from birth that are trained and have the psyche to be soldiers. I have discovered that child soldiers are often forced into fighting through false promises. To what extent should child soldiers be held accountable for their crimes? Some governments also draft children into their armies without any notice.

Children such as these knew what they were doing and thus should be taken into custody. Any child, any human, who has to live under such situations should not format of business plan convicted for their crimes. Another right of the children being abused is the right college board essay score love, understanding and protection. Children who joined the army have no opportunity both at present and in future to gain an education, which will enable them to have the ability to contribute into the society in the future and broke the poverty cycle of the country.

Anyone that resisted is of course executed. The issue of child soldiers is as complex as it is atrocious, and its heinous nature has prompted the international community to pour vast amounts of time and resources into finding a solution. For instance, many believe that child soldiers are mere replicas of child criminals; child criminals are application letter for vacancy sample.

What makes them differ from us is that they were denied a childhood. The main issue that develops from the idea of child soldiers is defining the minimal age of criminal responsibility. They lack the mental maturity and judgment to express consent or to fully understand the implications of their actions… and are pushed by their adult commanders into perpetrating atrocities.

Take the case of the florante at laura thesis Sierra Leone child soldier Ishmael Beah.