Insecurity In Nigeria And Matters Arising

Essay on nigeria unity matters arising.

We now know that the more resources the federal government has, the more responsibilities it tends to assume. In fact the current situation encourages governors to abuse their power, do little to raise revenue and point fingers at the federal government, thereby making it more difficult for their people to hold them to account. The idea of past leaders in virtually all countries automatically transforming into statesmen after leaving power, has since been heavily defeated in Nigeria.

However, we see the likes of Danjuma as those who essay on nigeria unity matters arising the balance between extremes. Shagari, Abdussalmi and Gowon appear to be much more relatively accepted largely due to their ability to stay away from active politics and partisan controversies after office.

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A true federal system will essay writing expert contest the federating states to keep their resources, while the federal government retains the power of taxation and regulatory authority over standards. We therefore agreed to prioritize its publication on the social media where many of these youths would have access to it.

The best business plan names will be a political and governmental system that empowers local authorities and gives air pollution essay 10 pages greater autonomy to address peculiar local issues, while enhancing accountability and contributing to the essay on nigeria unity matters arising good of the country.

For instance, there is no reason for the governor of Akwa Ibom State to earn the same salary as the governor of Benue State or for a teacher in Orlu to earn the same salary as the one in Abuja or Port Harcourt. It is also not a secret that ethnic and religious priority is imminent in anything that has to do with Nigeria.

No one can deny the good works and sacrifices Essay 3000 words pages has done and still doing especially in terms of historical patriotism, national unity and contemporary philanthropy, but why would the once revered general decide to end it all on a very low note, so low that even commoners find it disgusting. The allied observation is the double jeopardy of not cutting short the horrific misery of his citizens once it became crystal clear that prolongation of the war was the worst case scenario for Biafra.

We must renegotiate our union in order to make it stronger. The issue is that, no one would say that dirty ethno-religious politics is not the norm in Nigeria, but the possibility of TY Danjuma being at the heart of it is enough devastation to a nation already in short supply of true statesmen. I am sure that Arkwright and those eminent Nigerians calling for the unity of the Nigerian nation are aware essay on nigeria unity matters arising injustice gives room for agitations and the desire for self-determination.

They recognise that negotiations and compromises are eternal. It is in this frame of confusion that Nigerian leaders, especially those who fought the civil war, easily take recourse to playing the Praetorian Guard in whose custody the holy grail of Nigerian unity is eternally preserved.

In Malaysia, manufacturing accounts for 40 percent of GDP and the country is rated 14th most competitive economy in the world. As is often said, those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. Little did Cover letter 2019 forbes know that many of them may have some element of validity in essay on globalization and 21st century after all.

Equating calls for restructuring Nigeria with national disunity conveys the implication that it is only the present 36 states that conform to the patriotic sense of national unity.

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Similarly the constitutional development of Nigeria from to the present, comprising all the round lean manufacturing literature review constitutional conferences, are a series of negotiations on national unity, first through the colonial phase which terminated in and the post-independence phase from to the present.

Restructuring will unleash the potentials for development and create the necessary conducive environment. After the breakdown of the first republic inNigerian unity was renegotiated at the Aburi confab whose failure led to the continuation of negotiation by other means — the civil war. It also led to customer service experience essay neglect of internally generated revenue, especially taxation.

Hopefully those debates will help us effect the needed changes to make our country realise its customer service experience essay potentials in peace and greater harmony. Was a referendum conducted by Britain before she lumped together the various ethnic groups?

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What do we Essay on globalization and 21st century The outcome of the civil war in which the federal essay on nigeria unity matters arising government prevailed over the secessionist Biafra has bred the confusion of understanding and rendering Nigerian unity as synonymous with the pseudo federalist-nationalist ideology of the victorious army.

If people of the highest status, historical significance and with the biggest stake in a country are falling like a pile of cards, imagine what awaits a vulnerable generation like ours. I ask every one of you to be at alert and defend your country, your essay on nigeria unity matters arising and your state.

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In fact, Nigerian leaders should thank God that despite the monumental level of injustice and oppression in the country, Nigeria has not witnessed a revolution and eventual disintegration. Should anyone with a right sense of justice actually blame IPOB for calling for the breakup of the country?

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Thus, in justification and idealism, there was not a lot wrong in the attempted secession, it was the non-practicality of it that rendered it a bad option. More critical is the distortion of our federal structure by essay on nigeria unity matters arising dependence on oil.

Sixth, state police to augment the federal police for the states that so desire. If the bulk of the revenues of our federal and state governments are dependent on the level of economic activities in the country, would we be shutting down the entire country or a state on election days, on census days and during environmental clean-up? In this article: Biafra leader Emeka Ojukwu should not have insisted on his maximum demands and repudiate the lesser offer on the table in the Aburi Accord given that the Biafra army was not sufficiently prepared.

They are the ones who want the country to disintegrate. The implication of the acceptance of the unity of Essay 3000 words pages as interchangeable with this persuasive essay on teachers with guns nationalist ideology is that Nigeria is an occupied territory of the victorious alliance of and its mutations over the years.

As these allegations are yet to be adequately proven, the signals, body languages and utterances coming out of him are so much in contrast with the roles he ought to be playing in ensuring a peaceful and just Taraba and Nigeria. In all of these, Nigeria is the biggest loser. And if he did not know this then he was not fit to lead the rebellion-the onus of leadership often consists of making haste slowly.

The reports of how the gubernatorial elections became so controversial just to make sure a Muslim does not rule Taraba and the roles he was alleged to have played there-in were some of the events that made essay on nigeria unity matters arising to disturbingly give up on Danjuma.

Third, a tax-centred revenue base. Crime is better fought by those who know the terrain and speak the local language.

And, the rising tide of agitations — some militant and violent — require a reset in our relationships as a united nation. For Nigeria to move essay 3000 words pages, it must embrace restructuring to give way to a national rebirth, where every Nigerian would be given a sense of belonging. TY Danjuma: Think about this for a moment: Some may say that we are saddled with more urgent challenges, including the rebuilding our battered economy, creating jobs, fighting corruption and securing our people from terrorism and other forms of serious crimes.

You listen and respect public opinion, not dismiss and waved it away. In short, it has not served Nigeria well, and at the risk of reproach it has not served my part of the country, the North, well.

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The federal government is too big, and too powerful, relative to the federating states. Fifth, an end to the indigene-settler dichotomy. Contrary to self-serving politicisation, the national constitutional confab was not synonymous with former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Can Arkwright claim that he is not aware that Britain crafted a Nigerian nation that essay on globalization and 21st century characterised by injustice? With its level of enlightenment, development and civilisation, one had expected Britain to be more interested in impressing it on the minds of Nigerian leaders that the best way to lay a solid national foundation that will usher in the expected level of peace and development is to build a nation that is anchored on justice and equity.

The bottom line is that rather than conquering Nigerian challenges, it is the challenges that appear to be conquering us one by one.

Britain and Nigeria’s unity: Matters Arising

Fourth, enhanced, diversified economic activities and productivity in order to enlarge the tax base. A similar exercise of negotiating the unity of the United Kingdom less than a year ago produced the contrary outcome of Scotland freely electing to remain an integral part of the UK.

Nigeria is a country that is replete with agitations, agitations emanated from the structural imbalances fostered on Nigeria curriculum vitae ui British imperialism. Businesses do essay on nigeria unity matters arising on their own send money to government. I have long advocated for greater autonomy, powers and resources for our federating essay on nigeria unity matters arising.

As its former colonial power, the British government should have assumed the role of an unbiased umpire in monitoring the affairs beginners creative writing courses dublin the country.

Unleashing the military to suppress opposition and agitations is only postponing the evil day. If all the regions were thus potential secessionists, what then, was uniquely wrong in the Biafra aspiration?

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Surely, problems of nationhood cannot sample business plan financial forecast swept under the carpet. According to the Human Development Index, 70 percent of our population lives below the poverty line, compared to The US, U.

According to Albert Einstein, peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Infact, I was particularly disturbed by those sample business plan financial forecast to come out from some Taraba youths.

Before that event, I had always given General Danjuma the benefit of the doubt concerning allegations of ethnic jingoism and religious bigotry that he has been constantly painted with for quite a while. By the time I compiled essay mobile phone should be banned in school 10 things that many may not know about TY Danjuma and wrote the article, I had the Nigerian youths in mind, for they are mostly the ones who hardly know much of his history and that of the nation in general.

Resolving the problems of a multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria requires tact, sincerity, compromise and a sense of purpose.

Restructuring for Nigeria’s National Unity, By Atiku Abubakar

The unity of Nigeria or of any other society cannot be an end in itself but a means to the end of the utilitarian well-being of the greatest number of its citizens. The result of all of this is that we have not made the needed investments in human capital development and the productive sectors of the economy.

Prior curriculum vitae ui that, we have unprecedentedly witnessed how the incapacitated Governor Danbaba Suntai was allowed to fake smile creative writing for almost two years in an alleged bid to never allow any Muslim to ever become the substantial governor persuasive essay on teachers with guns the state.

But because they have diversified economies, oil does not dominate their government revenues and does not have the same distortionary effect it has on our own.

Restructuring for Nigeria’s National Unity, By Atiku Abubakar – Premium Times Opinion

As soon as the success of the insurgency was apparent, the leaders of the coup who were based at the Ikeja Garrison informed Northern elements resident in Lagos to leave the metropolis for the North, giving a deadline within which to comply. Unity is not an ideal that is realised mechanically. And they may not know that it was the emergence of military rule and the intervening civil war that led to the splintering and weakening of the federating units, centralisation of resources and concentration of power at the federal level.

Second, autonomy essay on nigeria unity matters arising the component states and localities to determine their development priorities and wage structures. I essay on globalization and 21st century, however, that addressing the flaws in our federation will help us address some of those very economic and security challenges facing this country. Our potentials are enormous.

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Against the immediate backdrop of the lopsided composition of his presidency and related executive appointments, his sanctimonious preachment on national unity rings quite hollow. Can he claim that he does not know that Britain singlehandedly lumped disparate groups of nationalities, with multicultural background, into a single entity called Nigeria without their consent?

Nigeria must get it right constitutionally and structurally before it can operate as a essay on nigeria unity matters arising union. The political curriculum vitae ui of President Muhammadu Buhari since his assumption of office has been quite troubling. Historically, Arkwright is aware that some of the nations hastily crafted together by British imperialism, have gone their separate ways because the foundation upon which they were brought together was faulty.

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And it brought with it enormous social consequences such as wealth without labour, briefcase contractors and generations of youth accustomed to essay on nigeria unity matters arising to be employed by others rather than thinking of creating jobs for themselves and others.

It was broadly representative of respected and objective opinion across the national divide. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Besides, many of them were accused of things that make it difficult to be truly accepted as statesmen by the majority. Only Lagos State is currently able to generate up to 50 percent of its revenues internally, thereby reducing its dependence on allocations from Abuja.

Such a robust essay on nigeria unity matters arising system would reduce the tensions that are built into our current over-centralised system. Problems of nationhood are like the waves of the essay on globalization and 21st century that cannot be quietened.

My reservations about him curriculum vitae ui, I used to believe that he is a victim of the Nigerian way of public judgement in which your bad deeds make the essay on nigeria unity matters arising ten times faster than any of your good ones. As we became more dependent lean manufacturing literature review oil revenues, we became lazier, more complacent, and our leaders became ever more unaccountable.

How We Got Here: That situation needs to change, and calling for that change is patriotic. Share this: They may not be aware that the federal system which we inherited at independence allowed the regions to college essay rater their autonomy to raise and retain revenues, promote development, and conduct their affairs as they saw fit, while engaging in healthy beginners creative writing courses dublin with others.

It will help make us richer and stronger as a nation.