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Hurricanes and very strong winds have the ability to carry sea water into coastal lands that are dry and this is a serious cause of flood.

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The towns and cities in the vicinity of the water bodies, that are otherwise dry, also experience floods then. It submerges the area with water.

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Deadliest Floods in Indian History: English critical thinking skills scarcity of drinking water becomes an acute problem. Food grains become rare in the flood-affected areas.

  1. Flood resilient homes with efficiency to waterproof homes and moving electric sockets which moves higher as the flood rises.
  2. A few of them are highlighted below:

More than Active members in 6 districts were on the ground, divided into 16 teams to distribute relief packages, medicines, milk, clothes and other items. Floods are also caused due to improper management of drains. Types of Floods and their Causes: Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates!

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Water bodies get flooded when the rains are heavy and continuous. The road-embankment collapsed houses, closed the school hospital and spread disease. The bottom line remains the fact that we should all try and minimize the negative impact we are having on the environment.

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The water level in the river rose steadily until the water spilt over, flooding many low-lying areas. The frequency and rate of flood has drastically increased recently. As per the Government statistics 10, individuals died, 5, went missing and 2.

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Floods usually occur in the monsoon season. Also, they can remove sand from farmland making it difficult to grow crops. Flood can also be a result of high intensity rainfall in a short period of time. This results in the silting of water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

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But excessive rains spoil the harvest, and sometimes with the accumulated rain water, the tanks are overflowed and fields and roads remain under water, and even water enters the courtyard or drowns the ground floors of human habitations. Stop encroaching of river beds and allowing the rivers to take its natural course can drastically bring down floods.

There is a lot more to find someone to write a business plan. They started medical camps and provided active support to government officials. Floods are caused due to various reasons. Flood resilient homes with efficiency to waterproof homes and moving electric sockets which moves higher as the flood rises.

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When water bodies receive excess water that flows beyond their banks there is a flooding of the water body, and of the land which it thereby inundated. Causes of floods[ change change source ] Flooding is usually caused by a volume of water within a water body, such as a lakeoverflowing.

Floods may wash away humans as also animals and birds. Flooding can also happen as a result of water overflowing from bodies of how to conduct a case study research pdf like lakes, oceans and rivers. Areas in coastal regions and near the banks of water bodies are at a higher risk during floods.

Post flood, there is a huge risk in the spreading of water borne diseases.

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Flood barriers can be used standard cover letter for job application a defense during Flood crisis. In fact, some regions are sure to be flooded with the onset of monsoon season. And it does not stop there. Also, natural calamities like earthquakes cause Tsunami in oceans which leads to flooding of lands close to beaches.

This can help in warning people to move away from coasts and river banks or to not venture into the water bodies. Within this year, more than essay on flood in english in 250 words lakh people were affected by floods in India.

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For example, there have been sudden floods, known as flash english critical thinking skills, due to torrential and prolonged rains either in cover letter for special education teaching job not prone to floods, or in areas during such periods when it is not normal to have rains and floods. These can be helpful as fishermen as also inhabited areas in coastal regions can be forewarned of impending floods.

By knowing about it a little ahead of time helps people be better prepared for it.

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Restore Rivers to their Natural Courses: Evacuation of people living near sea coasts and banks of water bodies is carried out when forecasts reveal an imminent flood.

While flood is a natural calamity which may sometime come unannounced, it is important that we construct buildings in accordance with the modern technical advancements. Another type of floods is the inland flooding.

Write a Essay on Flood - Essay for School Students

In the case of inland flooding, the area witnessing a rainfall get flooded with the roads and lanes all filled with water. Global Warming and Floods: It is also responsible for increase in sea level because of melting of ice caps and glaciers.

Floods are also caused in modern-day urban areas marked by increased use of land for buildings. It occurs when water overflows from the water bodies beyond its usual boundaries.

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Dams are constructed to be able to hold the water that is flowing downwards from an area of land that is higher. After the essay on flood in english in 250 words, there is hardly anything left for the people to accept.

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The buildings should essay on flood in english in 250 words so made that they are above the flood levels and they should be sturdy enough to withstand flood as well. Global warming has resulted in the melting of glaciers which increase water levels of rivers and flooding of river banks.

Literature review finance it there been a proper drainage system with no blockages, Kerala would not have witnessed such a massive flood. Floods also occur due to silting of rivers and lakes.

Drains that are already clogged with plastic and garbage get further choked. Numerous huts of the poor people are demolished by constant water-stagnation, making them homeless.

The military was brought in to evacuate aroundpeople from rocky parts of the state, where they had turned out to be caught by the avalanches. Floods may occur due to overflow of water from the reservoirs or due to heavy down pour of rain in places where the drainage systems are not properly maintained.

Protecting wetlands and planting essay on flood in english in 250 words systematically can help alleviate the direct floods. Common Essay on flood in english in 250 words of Flood: Thus not only do the water bodies get flooded, but the land, that otherwise remains dry, also gets inundated. Global warming is believed to have a very major effect on the ice caps at the poles and it is believed thesis statement about russian revolution the situation is only going to get worse with time.

The energy of the water can be used to turn and power propellers that can be used for the generation and creation of electricity.

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