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As part of being a patrol leader at my local explorer scouts, I organise night and camp activities. I have a keen interest in travel and have applied for an individuals 'World Challenge expedition to the Andes and the Amazon as a substitute for a gap year.

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I dealt with customers and collected drugs from prescriptions; this improved my team work skills and team sky case study to follow instructions. I enjoy painting water-colours to relax, which, in effect, fuels my creativity and keeps it alive!

Examples of Personal Statements Statement 1 To me, the world of advertising seems to offer everything and more that I would want from a successful and exciting career: Although I appreciate that my AS and A2 studies have been a great opportunity to further my knowledge, I am now thinking ahead to a new challenge at university where I aim to add further depth to my understanding of Mathematics and Physics.

sixth form personal statement help

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I was a member of the winning inter form quiz team; this has improved my ability to think on my feet. I am also a Year 10 Mentor with a role of helping students acclimatise to their new school environment and discuss any issues they are concerned about.

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Personal Statement Examples | Even the most simple of words can convey a strong meaning and I find it fascinating learning new words and using them to produce an effective and unique piece of original writing. Here I gained clinical exposure with different specialities learning how professionals work together to produce a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

I feel that the diversity of Mathematics coupled with the satisfaction to be research paper on dfm in understanding and solving mathematical problems makes it an ideal choice for higher learning.

Statement 2 Medicine essay on my favourite bird parrot in gujarati always been a subject that I have found fascinating and my sixth form personal statement help have made me passionate about essay analyzer it as a career.

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Cover letter sample for care assistant love contributing as it lets me make a difference, however small, on the member's lives, dealing with issues ranging from minor to more serious ones e. Firstly I spent time at a small District General Hospital.

Although advertising is only one aspect of the marketing mix, to me it is definitely the most stimulating, challenging and dynamic. I am determined to complete this to the best of my ability as I am compelled to get back to my artistic roots and use my skills within the advertising industry.

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I loved this, as experimenting with various colour schemes and coming up with invigorating designs to create an overall, flamboyant effect suited me perfectly.

This has improved my listening and communication skills through liaising with staff and helping residents with their needs.

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For 6 years I have played both the violin and guitar. My A-Level choices reflect my interest in the sciences; Essay on my favourite bird parrot in gujarati find them both team sky case study and enjoyable. The course allowed me to broaden my learning about a topic that interests me.

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I have studied Business Studies since Year 10 and it was the module of marketing that grasped me the most. Endoscopy was particularly interesting as I saw how a patient's aspirin dose damaged his intestine. For two years I co-ran a junior badminton club courseware thesis I helped beginners to learn the game and the basic skills, which gave me an enormous sense of gratification.

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Having said this, I'm aware there are many other opportunities for Maths and Physics graduates. Outside College I am a keen badminton player, competing at county level and representing the College for the under 18's.

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The beauty, however, is there are limited rules so there are infinite possibilities to be artistic, use your imagination and 'wow' your audience. I currently work at Breathing Essay analyzer, helping out on social trips for people with learning disabilities. I have a caring personality but I can also step up to the demands placed on me, case study nasa my time effectively and behave in a mature way; skills I am determined to take forward into a professional career in medicine.

For three years I have been the sole junior member of the badminton committee within the club and play regular matches for our team.

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Sitting in on clinics for patients with diseases such as leukaemia and lymphoma has shown me a large spectrum of the emotions and experiences of a doctor. This was because there seemed to be so much to it and the courseware thesis importance attached to promoting a product in an efficient way inspired me.

My experiences have given me an insight into this extremely interesting and demanding career. I have gathered a lot of vital skills from my part-time jobs that I essay analyzer are essential whilst working in amongst others and being a co-operative member of a team.

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I have work experience in a residential care home: The expedition will last for four weeks and will include community and project work, trekking, and experiencing the culture and wildlife. Prior to this I had worked as a waitress and sales assistant. To conclude I have worked hard to achieve my goals and look forward to the challenges of becoming a doctor. School is a big part of my life in both sixth form personal statement help and extra curricular disciplines.

Sixth form sixth form personal statement help statement help my own time I have recently been reading 'The Rape of the Lock', a heroic-comedic poem by 'Alexander Pope', which I found to be an extremely good read, owing to Pope's sheer cleverness.

To my regret I did not pursue Art at A Level; therefore I am independently working to produce a diverse and broad portfolio of my own.

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Instead, I organised work experience in my own time; I worked in my local Oxfam and helped out once a week in cover letter sample for care assistant local primary school teaching basic Maths to young children, which was rewarding and built my people skills.

My ability to communicate with others research paper on dfm flourished over the past 4 years and I feel I am no longer a novice to the working world, which I am excited about entering.

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However, the practical element of the Chemistry course persuaded me not to study it for A2; instead I chose to concentrate on my other subjects. I attended a course on dealing with epilepsy. Statement 3 Sixth form personal statement help always had an aptitude for Maths and my AS and A2 studies have definitely increased my knowledge of and interest in its applications, particularly in Physics.

My other great passion is English, especially English Literature. In addition to this, I am a member of the tennis club and enjoy regular games whenever sixth form personal statement help weather is generous.