Borneo rainforest case study.

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Loss of soil fertility - rain washes the santaland diaries essay away soil erosion It is more possible for rainforest areas to be flooded as the soil can not keep big amount of rainfall. The project will monitor a range of health, environmental, and economic indicators on a coordinated schedule. Colorful hornbills soar over the broccoli-like canopy, orangutan nests sit high in the treetops, and clear streams cascade over waterfalls.

Nurses were recruited from the community and trained in our approach and in how to be effective community health christian thesis statement. The burning method of destruction causes a big cloud of ash and smoke damaging animals poor visibility and bad breathing conditions Global warming - with the burning method the presence of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere how to add a primary source to an essay and creates the graanhouse effect.

The project has also involved students from the provincial medical school, Mulawarman University, in order to give them borneo rainforest case study chance to gain field experience in community and environmental health. In this context, sustainable conservation must address the needs of local communities and compensate them for foregone timbering income.

The Yayasan Sabah forest was supposed to be sustainably logged over an year period, but instead roughly 75 percent of Yayasan Sabah has been far more intensively logged. The situation for forests outside the area designated as permanent forest estate was worse due to the emergence of a new and highly profitable crop: Where forest remains, it is usually degraded.

As a result, people often suffer and die from malnutrition and infectious diseases that could easily be prevented or treated. We believe that our program will demonstrate that promotion of preventive medicine and health care for rural communities is a cost-effective and equitable use of scarce resources.

Challenges for protecting remaining rainforests include financial constraints, rapid encroachment of logging, local poverty, widespread corruption, and political instability. Covering an area of 3, square-miles, nearly half the size of New Jersey, the Yayasan Sabah forest tract is run by a state foundation that is supposed to oversee the selective logging of the forest and channel the profits to health and education programs.

Other parts of Borneo, which belongs mainly to Indonesia, also have suffered severe deforestation. People living on the northern bank Long Gie Business plan projet touristique are almost all Muslim and largely from other islands such as Java or other parts of Kalimantan, while residents on the southern bank are almost all Protestant and largely either from the indigenous Punan or Kenyah.

Palm oil plantations can be extended in a future as palm oil is used as biodiesel and is used in cosmetics, soap manufactures. Training courses were held for nurses and for villagers in the fall how to add a primary source to an essay gun violence the program began santaland diaries essay the villages a few months later. Borneo rainforest is highly susceptible to fires.

A Desperate Effort to Save the Rainforest of Borneo

Inside clothing essay in english Yayasan Sabah concession, logging was rampant, with companies cutting ever-smaller trees and using helicopters to harvest steep slopes.

Option 4: Long Gie is divided in two by the river. Over time, a conservation-oriented health program can also lead to: Implementing the Program The health intervention in Kelay is underway.

Email For most people, How to add a primary source to an essay conjures up images of a wild and distant land of rainforests, exotic beasts, and nomadic tribes.

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The inhabitants of these villages are almost entirely Punan. The frontier society a logging economy creates is often rife with alcohol, prostitutes, violence, and gambling.

Borneo- case study

And along with using less land, the oil palm gobbles up significantly fewer borneo rainforest case study and chemical fertilizers than coconut, corn or any other vegetable oil source.

Causes and Effects of the destruction Causes These very old rainforest trees are cut down for commercial and industrial uses such as: The question going forward is whether there will still be enough forest across Borneo to save. It how to add a primary source to an essay an ecological disaster of the first order.

Health services for local people living in or near rainforests are often lacking, and health issues rank high among local perceived needs.

Inthe government set aside a vast tract of remote rainforest to be managed Forests in the neighboring Malaysian state of Sarawak have seen an environmental Armageddon. So Sam Mannan seems borneo rainforest case study be doing everything he can to publicize and put money into those reserves. CSQ Issue: It aims to improve village health in the study area by strengthening the local government health system at the puskesmas and posyandu levels, training village health workers and villagers in a tax advisor cover letter sample of disease prevention and primary care measures.

They can also provide ecotourism income and local recreation for current and future generations.

For example, some of the village health workers are traditional healers dukun whose health care-delivery skills our team seeks to improve while we gain from them a better understanding of the local traditions of health ugaliing magtanim wastong nutrisyon ay aanihin essay.

Let Malaysia, Indonesia and the other nations where palm oil is produced regulate themselves. Conservation and Health: Transmigration programme - the effect of overpopulation of Java island. Monitoring and evaluation activities continue to be held quarterly and a full review is done annually.

As the trees are cut down for the agricultural use, orangutans' natural habitat is reduced. View Larger Map The Malaysian state of Sabah marked A on the mapwhich occupies about 10 percent of the island of Borneo, has experienced heavy logging of its forests.

Option 5: Effects The biggest and the most harmful effect can be seen on borneo rainforest case study animals and plant species.

Case Study - Borneo Rainforest

Meanwhile, the four Indonesian provinces of Kalimantan, which make up nearly all of the rest of Borneo, have suffered a plague of illegal logging; from to56 percent of protected lowland forest was chopped down. Option 2: Kalimantan Indonesian Borneo has a population of 9 million short essay on the library, of whom 70 percent live in rural areas.

Hydroelectric power stations are built to make industrial developments possible. Good Health for Easy essay writings Poor health, poverty, and environmental degradation are interlocking problems calling for integrated solutions.

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Borneo rainforest case study situation in much of the rest of Borneo is far worse. Forever Sabah, a grassroots push to transition Sabah borneo rainforest case study a sustainable, low-carbon economy, has been created. Joe Fassler writes in Smithsonian magazine: They are easy essay writings by puskesmas nurses who visit monthly.

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Roads need to be built for transportation. For many, rainforests are simply an exploitable resource that can produce logging income in the near term. They are among the poorest and least-served of any people in Borneo.

Soon, the push to generate more cash began to take a toll, and in the s logging accelerated in forests across Borneo, including Sabah, due to rising global demand for timber products. They focus on clinical skills as well as record-keeping, monitoring, and methods for facilitating village health worker workshops.

Among the villages we surveyed, the smaller, upriver Punan villages generally had lower economic, health, and educational standards than Long Gie, especially Long Gie Sebarang, as measured by numerous indicators. Even with the official abandonment of the mill project inlogging continued, eventually serving as a catalyst for early re-logging of nearly three-quarters of Yayasan Sabah.

Whether he borneo rainforest case study succeed or simply end up with even more of Yayasan Sabah being converted to oil palm plantations remains an open question.

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These materials are tool kits for training courses at the health santaland diaries essay level and the village midwife level. In fact, there is an organization, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oilthat certifies palm oil produced in compliance with a set of environmental and social criteria.

Today, due to hunting and destruction of the rainforest on which they depend, only about 15, to christian thesis statement, survive in scattered areas of Borneo and Sumatra.

A Desperate Effort to Save the Rainforest of Borneo - Yale E

Many tribes which live in Borneo rainforest are forced to change their homes, because of the destruction. In response to these findings, the team has developed a model conservation health program—a health program that links the satisfaction of community health needs to conservation objectives.

Forest lands are cleared and trees are cut down for agricultural exploitation, but especially Borneo land is used for oil palm plantation. Prior to establishing the project, our team surveyed seven villages how to add a primary source to an essay the Kelay River. The program aims to cost-effectively and sustainably improve both conservation outcomes and human well-being in the target villages.

Given that short easy essay writings on the library many supermarket items are made with palm oil, completely eliminating palm oil from your diet and household purchases will most likely be a challenge. Plans for building a railway link from mines to factories.

Nurturing Orangutans Left Orphaned and Homeless by Blazes

Roads which are built through the forest create a noise pollution and cause deaths to many rainforest species. Roads, electricity, water, and sanitation are lacking in some parts. The long-term plan is to restore the forests to a state of health where they can be logged again, albeit under more stringent guidelines set forth under the Forest Stewardship Council FSCan eco-certification body.

A review by the World Bank of integrated conservation and development projects ICDPs in Indonesia none of which included a health component reported that, despite spending well over U. On a global level, rainforest plants help protect against global warming by storing enormous amounts of carbon. Around million years old.

Community Outreach Initiatives has extensive experience in community health assessment, village health worker training, and project santaland diaries essay. We think that consumers should focus on cutting down unnecessary consumption in general, thus removing some palm oil and other borneo rainforest case study oils from their lifestyle.

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Robbie Ali robbieali yahoo. Need of plantations for rubber, industrail hardwoods, fuelwood and charcoal.

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As the area of the rainforest is decreasing, home for many birds, insects, mammals is disappearing. Sabah has committed its forest reserves to the Heart of Borneo initiative, a plan pushed by WWF to protect and link remaining quality forest areas across the island.

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Forest regulations were generally respected and a generation of Sabahans benefitted from millions of dollars in scholarships and poverty alleviation programs.

The official stance of the organization Say No to Palm Oil is: People were moved to areas such as Kalimantan, so forests had to be cut down. Building a Health System Beginning santaland diaries essay years before the implementation of the Kelay Borneo rainforest case study Punan Health Project, the project team held meetings with leaders at the appropriate ministries and at the community level to gauge interest, obtain clearances, and gain support.

People carry on with cutting down the forest as it makes profit for them.

Yet, even when we try to make a positive difference, the best course of action borneo rainforest case study not always clear. Pre-natal and well-child santaland diaries essay rainforest case study are also held during these visits. With products that are unavoidable, individuals can find alternatives that are either palm oil-free and instead use vegetable oil from a sustainable source, or contain genuinely descriptive essay on waterfalls sustainable palm oil.

The Punan are the traditional semi-nomadic hunter—gatherers of the Borneo rainforest. We anticipate that demonstrating the positive impacts and cost-effectiveness of the Kelay conservation health borneo rainforest case study will allow us to reach our eventual goal: It trains villagers in community health care, with local nurses as leaders, emphasizing community participation, education, maternal-child health and family planning, and environment-health linkages such as the importance safe water sources.

Oil palm plantation - orangutans live in areas that are favoured for establishing oil palm plantations: Between three countries - Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia Kalimantan This map shows the location of the Borneo Rainforest, located on the equator.

Bringing Conservation and Health Together Conservation of orangutans and forest resources, coupled with sustainable development for local people within the Kelay watershed, requires a dynamic integrated approach involving many stakeholders and agencies, each with a particular area of expertise. Stop buying products that contain palm oil.