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Today we again start with Jack Park, this time speaking on "Just for Me: What were you happy with and felt worked for you?

1. Who are you?

Most applications tend to have a lot in common, which is fine, but you should try to put the emphasis in your presentation on what makes your application different from the others.

Always start with who you are and where you work, plus your relationship with the project. Be very careful about using too much of it, however.

Compose the body of your case study with data from the project. I hope those of you writing presentations will see this, and find it useful. Plain text, on the other hand, is not the solution. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn.

So figured that this thesis statement at the beginning of the paragraph around I would ask them before the conference.

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Are you going to extend it? What are you pleased about in retrospect? So share away! That shouldn't really be a worry. I am not sure.

  1. Always start with who you are and where you work, plus your relationship with the project.
  2. If nothing else it should give you 10 of the slides for your presentation.
  3. Bell computer company case study writing a graduate nurse cover letter
  4. So figured that this time around I would ask them before the conference.
  5. The motivation for this post is that usually when I attend a case study talk I go away with my head full of questions that didn't get answered in the presentation.
  6. For those thinking about running their own projects it's always enlightening to hear that the biggest issues may be completely different from the ones they are worrying about.

So for me personally this is often one of the most important parts of the presentation. By the way, why LinkedIn? Talking a little bit about future plans is also a good way to wind up the presentation.

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So try to find out how your project is different, and then emphasize that. So an informal boxes-and-arrows diagram is good enough for this, too.

MBA case study presentation template What's strange is that very often they are the same questions. Describe how long the study ran and whether you had students drop out or join the class.

And not just naked URLs, mind you like http: Create a title that makes your listeners or readers curious about the case study. How many authors?

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One thing people probably worry about here, and that tends to cause them to leave this out, is a concern that case study case study slide presentation presentation ontology is not complicated or fancy enough.

Where in this system did you use Topic Maps? For showing people what your application does there is nothing like screenshots.

This is another omission that's sure to make people ask you questions at the end, since people always want to know what the status of your project is. How many outgoing links are you allowed?

Include how successful the case study was and what additional ideas you suggest for further study. Making thesis statement at the beginning of the paragraph easy goes a long way. Offer your perspective for use of the study in other classrooms and specific suggestions to make the implementation more successful.

Your organization probably has lots of ready-made slides about itself, which is an easy source of material.

2. What is the application?

That's not the point. Who are you? Use a table to list unexpected changes in the class and whether those changes made a positive, negative or neutral difference in the learning environment.

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So keep that in mind when creating your SlideShare presentations. You can see this as the answers to a list of questions: In order to be featured on the SlideShare home page, keep creating well-designed, useful, relevant presentations.

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By hris dissertation way… Did you know you can embed live links into SlideShare presentations? Embeds bring traffic. Topic Maps and Ontologies". The last one is unpredictable, but results in killer traffic.

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There are three ways to get on the SlideShare homepage. What is the application? Write an abstract that summarizes the question you set out to answer, the methodology you used, the subjects of your case study and a short conclusion.

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Since end-users and authors need to understand the ontology it often can't be very complex, and in most systems it actually isn't that complex. List activities and resources you used to incorporate ASL and how supportive students, parents, administrators and other instructors were in the project.

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